RidgelineIn 1993, Peter Maxwell started developing the first Ridgeline products in New Zealand because he was not satisfied with the products on the market. It set itself the task of developing clothing that is as functional and robust as smart detailed solutions for wearing comfort and use. As early as 1994, New Zealand’s “Guns & Hunting Magazine” reported on Ridgeline’s extraordinary product line. From the beginning, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts were convinced of the products. The Ridgeline brand was an insider tip for hunters who spent a long time relatively self-sufficient in the forests and mountains. When the Cameron Sports Group later bought and launched the brand in the Outdoor market, Ridgeline grew rapidly and became one of the most popular outdoor brands in New Zealand and Australia. Today Ridgeline is one of the market leaders for professional hunting and outdoor clothing in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Ridgeline’s philosophy has always been that comfortable, durable and high-quality outdoor clothing should also be “affordable”. With a global network, Ridgeline now stands for outdoor and hunting apparel that can withstand any challenge and any weather. Especially in recent years, we have developed more and more classic outdoor clothing in addition to highly functional hunting clothing. In New Zealand and Australia there is not as much distinction between hunting and outdoor clothing as here in Europe.

Ridgeline has also been available in Europe since 2018 and is sold through qualified and trained specialist dealers.